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Bishop Installation Land Acknowledgement - San Francisco

As we begin our celebration, we take a moment to acknowledge that the land where we live and worship in this place is stolen land. We are on the unceded lands of the ones we know today as the Ohlone people. Ohlone Territory spans from San Francisco East towards Oakland and South towards Monterey. There are 8 language dialects within this territory and historically there are over 60 village sites. We are on Yelamu land. The first language spoken on these lands is Ramaytush.

We acknowledge the historic violence and genocide against indigenous siblings and ancestors as well as the harm that the U.S. government continues to perpetuate. We pray for this church's continued work towards justice and the necessary cessation and dismantling of the colonial structures we continue to inhabit.

We offer thanks for being able to worship and live here. And we encourage all of us to find out more about the lands upon which we live and to find concrete ways to make reparations to the original stewards of these places and their descendants.

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